hunText: File Manager & Local/Cloud File Finder



Is your phone so clogged you barely can find anything?

hunText to the rescue! hunText gives you a powerful full text search engine that also comes with advanced file management options. 

Search Engine.

  • Search thoroughly through your mobile and cloud content.
    Find files instantly with customizable fast indexing by selecting the folders and get the intended search results faster. Instantly get a count of matches in each folder for the word searched. 
  • Instantly notice a number of green boxes overlaid matching your query, when word typed in "search" box. Automatically updates the indexes, when any file operations happen like add, delete, update. 
  • Easily flip pages with the searched word highlighted.

Customizable file manager

  • With hunText you get a powerful file manager at your fingertips. Do all sorts of file operations (delete/move/sort/file share/upload/compress...) while also keeping your home screen tidy and clean of unnecessary files/folders. 
  • It is a great file explorer for your android device and cloud content.
  • Offers a great way to navigate through the hierarchy from the finder path bar. 
  • Navigate easily through folders using navigation drawer.

Wait, there is even more.

  • Storage analyzer - Shows the amount of disk space usage per category and displays in pie chart with slices for each category
  • File Transfer - Offers easy wireless file transfer between mobile device and PC through FTP
  • Cloud storage - Provides better integration with cloud storage for search and file management 

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